Agrivoltaics is a real-state solution that combines energy and agriculture in a synergetic relationship on three key aspects.

Land use

By using dual-land use schemes the real-state use is almost doubled helping accelerate the energy transition while protecting crops instead of making them compete for land.

Make more profit per m2

Panel passive cooling

Fraunhoffer ISE has thoroughly demonstrated that solar panels performance over crops is enhanced thanks to passive cooling from plant transpiration.

Up to 5% less loss

In areas were higher ambient temperature is reached, panel effiency can drop up 10% .

The plant environment

The Arizona State University registered savings in water and an increase in yield when Agrivoltaics were deployed for horticulture in climate highly stressed environments.

This impact on yield and water consumption has been reported by other agrivoltaic pilots around the world with higher impact on highly climate stressed areas.